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A Butterfly Story (ErocNet)
A Consequence of Happenstance (ErocNet)
a delicious terror: (ErocNet)
A Distant View (ErocNet)
A Duck in a Tree 2016-08-27 | The Vessel of Light (ErocNet)
A New Damn Dawn (Re-Bastard)
A Place To Start (A Secret River)
A Secret River (A Secret River)
A Wonderful E.P. (Earl and Dallas)
A World Of Mystery (dj STÜRM)
Absolut 80 Tal (Must Be Liverpool)
Adonai (Adonai Malakh)
Adrenaline (Piyasiri)
Affected by Music (På Mé Fritt)
All Is Dream (dj STÜRM)
All Together Now (ErocNet)
Allt Vad Du Begär... (Gino Renebrant)
Amazing Place (Souper Swamp Singers)
Analyze This (Depressed Freedom)
Archives 2011-2012 (ErocNet)
Around Christmas (Oakland)
Attuned (ErocNet)
Automatic Drops in Winter (ErocNet)
Axe (ErocNet)


B.C. (Hell-Us)
Bad 'n' alive (Angelita & The Frogs)
Bear Hair In My Suitcase (ErocNet)
Biograph (Gino Renebrant)
Bleep Hertz (ErocNet)
Bleep Hertz Vol.2 (ErocNet)
Blender (ErocNet)
Blues (ErocNet)
Blues For Richard (Dadala)
Burning Sun (Oakland)
Button Box (ErocNet)


Category Errors (ErocNet)
CD 6 • 2006 (Kitchen Radio System)
Chapter One (Codex XIII)
Cherrybomb (Hellfuckers)
Chicks Are For Fags I'm Nannis (WheelChairs901)
Colours of Solitude (A Secret River)
Col​[​-​.​.​.​]​lages Volume Two (ErocNet)
Col​[​.​-​-​.​]​lages Volume Three (ErocNet)
Col​[​_;​,​;​]​lages Volume One (ErocNet)
Come what may (ErocNet)
Con Dolor Del Alma (WheelChairs901)
Contact Compilation 6 (ErocNet)
Contact Compilation 7 (ErocNet)
Contact Compilation 9 (ErocNet)
Contacts [EP] (ErocNet)
Covers on the Rocks (Coverup)
Cursed (Provoke Your Enemy)


Dé é Orättvist (Souper Swamp Singers)
Death-Defying Feats and Illusions (ErocNet)
Demo (I Killed A Leprechaun At The Carnival)
Demo (Victimized)
Demo (Victimized)
Demo (Gino Renebrant med Duo)
Demo #3 (Seppuku)
Demo 05 (The Transposers)
Demo 1987 (Trazer)
Demo I (Angelita & The Frogs)
Dependence on Malevolence (Demonium)
Det Lyser En Stjärna (friLANTZarna)
Detective Works (ErocNet)
Double Deuce (Double Deuce)
Doughnut Overcook (Doughnut Overcook)
Doughnut Overcook (Doughnut Overcook)
Doughnut Overcook (Doughnut Overcook)
Downhearted (Bash Brothers)
Dreamland (ErocNet)
Driver (Driver)
Ductworks (ErocNet)
Dumper (Dumper)
Duopoly (ErocNet)


Ekblecket (Ekblecket)
Eksjö-Pop (Järn-Henrik)
Electropop 15 (Climate Zombies)
End It Now (Piyasiri)
Epileptic (Hellfuckers)
Everything Got Something Wrong With It (ErocNet)
Evil Ways (Lazy Ambition)
Expanding Talk (ErocNet)


Face It (Straight A's)
Fäm Smutsiga Små Fingrar/Space (Souper Swamp Singers)
Fielen Danke? (Souper Swamp Singers)
File Under: Miscellaneous (ErocNet)
Fingertip Halo (ErocNet)
Five Song Demo (My Last Reverie)
Fönsterfärg & Raj-raj POPVISOR FRÅN LANDET (Håkan i Hult & Kjell Ljunggrens Band)
For Japan, an ImprovFriday benefit release (ErocNet)
Forbidden Paradise (dj STÜRM)
Forgotten Fables (I Killed A Leprechaun At The Carnival)
Four Egg And No Banan (Souper Swamp Singers)
Four Night Scenes (ErocNet)
Fragile (Straight A's)
Friendship (Andy O´Leany´s)
Frihetsdrömmen (Gino Renebrant)
Fucked Up Good & Left Alone (1997-1999 demos) (Doughnut Overcook)
Further Journey (ErocNet)
Fury Of The Horizon (Abstract Noise)


Genotypes (Seppuku)
Gino Renebrant (Gino Renebrant)
Give Me 13 (Pejnäs Ork)
Guitars: An Anthology Of Experimental Solo Guitar Music (ErocNet)


Halloween Monster Mega-Soundtrack (ErocNet)
Halloweird (ErocNet)
Harmonics (ErocNet)
Hedgerows 2 (ErocNet)
Hembrännarligan (Hembrännarligan)
History of... (Svarta Maja)
Hornitos (På Mé Fritt)
House in tha House (Piyasiri)


I Ain't Your Romeo (Pejnäs Ork)
I can't even remember whose party this is (ErocNet)
I Runda Tal (Souper Swamp Singers)
Ibland Får Man Till Det... (Malin Fjällman)
If We All Were Bones (ErocNet)
ImprovFriday Vol. 2 (ErocNet)
in kommer TOM LP nr TEN (Souper Swamp Singers)
In Medias Res (Orbit Culture)
In The Raw (Tumbleweed)
Inana (ErocNet)
Infinite Vista (ErocNet)
Into The Gate Of The Demons (Codex XIII)
It Came From The Toilet (Mogens Klyvare Hose-Band MKHB)
it so happens (ErocNet)
It's Complicated (ErocNet)
It´s a pink punkrock world (Hellfuckers)


Jag, Mig & Mitt (Malin Fjällman)
Jesus Kommer (Eksjöpojkarna)
Jiggery Pokery (Jiggery Pokery)
Joe Cool Of (CKL 089) (Souper Swamp Singers)
Julsånger År 2000 (Tomtenissarna På Adolfsnäs)


Kezita (Kezita)
Kisses Out Of Desperation (Moranes)
Kitchen Radio System (Kitchen Radio System)
Knavrabopojkarna (Knavrabopojkarna)


Lazy Ambition (Lazy Ambition)
Le Exquisité Collage #1 (ErocNet)
Le Exquisité Collage #1 (Reissue) (ErocNet)
Leaving for the Country (Oakland)
Let's Go (Piyasiri)
Life Lessons (Bash Brothers)
Like Any Other Day Until (EP) (ErocNet)
Live @ Säljeryd 2016-07-04 (Oaklake Space Collective)
Live @ Säljeryd 2017-07-07 (Oaklake Space Collective)
Live at Almenas Celler (Pistolese)
Live at OPUS 1 (Tumbleweed)
Live Demoteket Eksjö Stadsbibliotek (Gratis Insana)
Live In Barlinek (Progject)
Live Pop i VP 2005 (BootCamp LickTers)
Looper's Delight 11-​11​-​11 Project (ErocNet)
Looper's Delight 12​-​12​-​12 Project (ErocNet)
Lost Son (Benjamin Havskog med band)


Mabostropa Inc - Live (Mabostropa Inc)
Mash Blue (ErocNet)
mash hits vol. 1 (ErocNet)
Memory Flow (ErocNet)
Monotronous (ErocNet)
Monster Piece (Hell-Us)
Mood Shift (ErocNet)
Moonmagic (Moonmagic)
Move (Lazy Ambition)
My Cousin And Me (Oakland)
My Dream (Cattis and The Gang)
Mysteries (ErocNet)


Nartur-ligt-vis (Gino Renebrant)
Near The East Coast Of Honshu (ErocNet)
News Week Vision (ErocNet)
NightScape (ArsAgito)
None Night Of Flexipop 2 (Seppuku)
Numbere 3 (Souper Swamp Singers)


Oaklake (Straight A's)
Obliterate (Siphon the Mammon)
Odyssey (Orbit Culture)
Oh, Sweet Absence (Oh, Sweet Absence)
Once Bitten Twice Shy (Mad Dogs)
onomatopoetic synesthesia: 3, 2, 1 Contact! (ErocNet)
Open The Window (ErocNet)
Orbit Culture (Orbit Culture)
Oss Emellan (Evelina Helgesson)
ourspace.come (ArsAgito)


Pang I Bygget (IQ-Zero)
Paranormal Voices (ErocNet)
Partybåt (Piyasiri)
Pejnäs Ork (Pejnäs Ork)
Pejnäs Ork (Pejnäs Ork)
Pink Freud (Pink Freüd)
Pop i Sommarnatt 2005 (Svarta Maja)
Pop i Sommarnatt 2006 (The Transposers)
Pop i VP 2005 (På Mé Fritt)
ppp (ErocNet)
Progject (Progject)
Psychedelacoustic Vol. 12 (ErocNet)
Put Your Hands Up (Piyasiri)


Queen Without A Crown (Lazy Ambition)


Rasen (Orbit Culture)
Rätta Takter (Rätta Takter)
Rätta Takter (Rätta Takter)
Raw (Trust The Hangman)
Ready To Rock (Long John)
Relaxation (Piyasiri)
Remembering Jeff Duke (ErocNet)
Reminiscent (Seppuku)
Resistance Is Futile (ErocNet)
Ruins (Siphon the Mammon)


S/T (Bash Brothers)
Sången Väller Fram (Eksjö PRO-kör)
Seance (ErocNet)
Seek (ErocNet)
Seppuku (Seppuku)
Seppuku (Seppuku)
Shadow Plays (ErocNet)
Shared Circle (ErocNet)
Shifting Wind (ErocNet)
Shut Up U Scary Monsters (Jimmy The Vagabond)
Sing Along With Two Of Us (Life) (Souper Swamp Singers)
Skitz Mix 34 (Piyasiri)
Skitz Mix 35 (Piyasiri)
Songs from the 7th garden (The VillageMill Project)
Songs From The Village Mill (Earl and Dallas)
Songs You'll Like If You Have Good Taste (Doughnut Overcook)
Souper Swamp Singers (Souper Swamp Singers)
Spelverket - Live (Doughnut Overcook)
Spelverket - NITTIFEM (Circus)
Strange Neighborhood (ErocNet)
Summer End (ErocNet)
Summer Mirages (ErocNet)
Svarta Maja (Svarta Maja)
Swedish Beat Vol. 3 (The Shandies)
Syfilis 001 (Pejnäs Ork)


Take On Me (Fair Child)
Talismans (ErocNet)
Tar Ton (Lantz-laget)
The Ants Journey Part 1 (Art of PEACH)
The BFW Christmas Album 2014 (ErocNet)
The birth and death of a star (V31)
The Black Orange (Lord of the Black Orange)
The End and the Beginning (Oakland)
the executive suite (ErocNet)
The Greatest Bands You've Never Heard (Doughnut Overcook)
The Ides of March (ErocNet)
The Lighthouse (ErocNet)
The Little Things (Oakland)
The Mind Wanders (ErocNet)
The Original (Piyasiri)
The Shandies (The Shandies)
The Sound of Moranes (Moranes)
The Stone Age Of Rock'n Roll! (Souper Swamp Singers)
The Wind (ErocNet)
Things That Make No Sense (Pejnäs Ork)
This Is Where The End Begins (Abstract Noise)
Those To Blame (Luffarna)
Time To Dance (Piyasiri)
Tomorrow Belongs To Us (Doughnut Overcook)
Tranans Dans (På Mé Fritt)
Traveler (ErocNet)
Truncated (Oaklake Space Collective)
Tuesday, Thursday (Oh, Sweet Absence)
Turistinformation 600m (Souper Swamp Singers)
Twisted Sounds In Black & White (Hellfuckers)
Two Minutes Left (ErocNet)


Unbreakable (Black Diamonds)
Uncool (Souper Swamp Singers)
Under The Sun (Jimmy The Vagabond)
Unfocused Prayers (ErocNet)
Unforeseen Consequences (Vol1) (ErocNet)
Unforeseen Consequences (Vol2) (ErocNet)
Up To A Point; collected Sound​-​In Mashups (ErocNet)
Ur Munnen, Direkt! (Mathias Jonsson)


Var Vid Gott Mod (Bruzabröderna)
Voices in the Room (ErocNet)
Vol 2 (Bash Brothers)
VOL I (På Mé Fritt)
Volume 1 (The Shandies)


Wait Out the Storm (ErocNet)
Waiting For You (Lazy Ambition)
Waves (ErocNet)
We Hear Footsteps (ErocNet)
Weraldion Testautaz (Surtr)
What We Feel (ErocNet)
Wheel of Fortune # 4 Compilation (ErocNet)
Wheel of Fortune # 5 Compilation (ErocNet)
Wheel of Fortune # 6 Compilation (ErocNet)
Wheel of Fortune # 7 Compilation (ErocNet)
Wheel of Fortune # 8 Compilation (ErocNet)
Wheel of Fortune #10 Compilation (ErocNet)
Wheel of Fortune #9 Compilation (ErocNet)
Where Are Your Eyes (Lazy Ambition)
Where Great Oaks Grow (Earl and Dallas)
Where The End Begins (Jimmy The Vagabond)
Whois Fensemble? (The Transposers)
Will I See You Again (Oakland)
Winter's Warmth (ErocNet)
Witchmaster (Demonium)
with brass-lines (ErocNet)
With Erocnet (ErocNet)
With Erocnet 2 (ErocNet)
With Friends Like These (ErocNet)


X-Teen Revolution (Dumper)


You Rule (Piyasiri)